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  • " After 2 years its still in good quality, no holes, rips or anything."

    - One of our very 1st Sleepy Heads

  • " I placed an order and couldnt wait to watch it come to life. You exceeded my expectations. I love your work."

    - Fellow Sleepy Head

  • I bought my friend one of your sorority custom bonnets and she said it stayed on all night, thank you

    - Fellow Sleepy Head

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Hair & Skin

Hair & Skin both need to be protected in order to remain healthy. Our bonnets not only provide protection but they also stay on all night long . Our silk pillowcases help you to maintain your smooth skin while sleeping peacefully.

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Why choose Slumberzzz ?

We give you the opportunity to not only protect your hair & skin but also give you the option to be creative while doing it

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    We offer Fast, Free shipping on all orders over $40.

  • Quality Products at a fair price

    Embroider any name you would like on your product for FREE.

  • Hand Sewn Products

    One of our newest products "Water Resistant Bonnets" are hand sewn and have silk inside .